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D2. Hi Alexandra thanks for taking the time for leaving a comment. This results in more muscle breakdown, and a longer SRA curve. could this be a pumper, or is this still an activator? I had a question going on my mind for a quite long time though; I used to train legs twice a week, with a glute emphasis; and with progressive overload and eating in a surplus; I now upped it to three times a week. C. Gibala, M. J., Interisano, S. a, Tarnopolsky, M. a, Roy, B. D., MacDonald, J. R., Yarasheski, K. E., & MacDougall, J. D. (2000). Caterisano, A., Moss, R. F., Pellinger, T. K., Woodruff, K., Lewis, V. C., Booth, W., & Khadra, T. (2002). Hate spam? should not one wait 3-4 days before hitting again the glutes with a strechter, and 2-3 days with an activator? Thank you. I need to mention that I really don’t want my thighs and calves to impact much, I chose this method because I want to know how I respond to low and high frequency workouts. I strongly advise following Bret’s programs. Thanks, James. Better to focus on diet to lose fat. The following image illustrates a study that’s demonstrated this (Soares et al., 2015). It is your job through experimentation to discover what fires up your own Glutes the most, but training is a lifelong journey of learning so be patient and utilize the scientific method. (Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, and Legs). Of course, it would slow recovery a little bit, but this way you get to stimulate growth in the glutes 4x per week instead of only 2x. It help a looot! or do I have to make so many pumper-exercises till i have that breakdown? I want to focus on volume training and I’m not sure under which category should I count certain exercises if I for example am squeezing glutes in this particular exercise but quads are also doing some work. Just make sure you pay close attention to how you’re feeling (run down, fatigued, no motivation for gym), and whether your strength levels are dropping over the weeks. Just wondering if this methodology can be used in training other muscle groups? Nosaka, K., Newton, M., Sacco, P., Chapman, D., & Lavender, A. 1 day? waiting for the answer, D2. Written by Kellie Davis on May 28, 2013. Hey Marina, Hope that helped! Nerve tissue, glycogen stores, and connective tissue also take time to recover and adapt, and this can’t be ignored. Just did a quick self assessment and i seem to fall in the Advanced category of Bret’s Female Strength Chart and based on your calculator can train optimally 6 days per week (21-30 hrs rest). And instead, get up and take a walk or have a stretch at least between every 30 minutes of sitting. As a result, the SRA curve takes moderately long to complete (2-3 days). For more of a challenge, lower into a squat, then lift your left foot and take a wide step to the left. I see what you mean and I agree fully. I’m hoping that will change soon, since I know if I’m going to build muscle I will need to use decently heavy weights. Can I train glutes every workout or is it too much? The maximus is pretty much the M.V.P. I imagine bench press would be an example of a stretcher, chest flye might be an activator/pumper. Science has shown again and again that it’s better than doing a split routine (only hitting a muscle only once or twice per week). Dear Stijin thank you so much for your answer. I ask because I can only keep going heavier on hip thrusts for so long and they are starting to feel uncomfortable. Tuesday & Friday: Back+triceps Those seem to be the most important mediators for recovery. A way you could go about this is doing the alternating periods of high and low frequency. hey can i ask a question please , Can you please advice me. Glutes/hams/shoulders + triceps (mon, wed, fri) That’s fine! I would highly advise training your glutes at least 3x a week, and the same for your other body parts. Make sure the pumpers come from different exercise categories (see exercise image) every day. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Also, are kickbacks (with a bent or straight knee) pumpers, even if done with resistance bands and/or ankle weights? Monday I squat and Friday I deadlift with mostly pumpers Wednesday. Would definitely train your upper body more frequently. However, the Barbell Hip Thrust shows tremendous Glute activity (1) (Contreras et al., 2015) with a heavy-loaded eccentric phase (if you control the weight down, which a lot of people don’t do) (3). 5. Leg curl 3×8-10 thanksss in advance, Depending on how advanced you are, you should be training your glutes 2-10(!) Read on for all the crazy details. The goal of this sequence is to fire up your glutes! I know you probably hate to hear this, but investing in barbells you can load with more weight (up to 250 lbs) is going to make a major difference for you. You do not want to spend 30 minutes doing straight abs exercises. Exercises that put a lot of tension on the muscle when it’s stretched, like dumbbell flyes (chest), pull-ups (lats), incline bench biceps curls, overhead variations of triceps extension, ab wheel ‘roll-out’ (abs), wide-grip bent-over rows (middle traps/rear delts), and DB shrugs (upper traps) damage the muscles more and probably need longer recovery. An example of a Glute exercise with a big ROM would be a Lunge or Bulgarian Split Squat. Your glutes might be sleeping on you during those glute workout sessions. It’s fine to combine glutes and legs on the same days, as they’re quite hard to isolate from each other. Tuesday I only trian gute on leg days They could even be labeled as counterproductive, as the extra sets might hamper your recovery from the growth stimulus! Hey Amanda, Putting on muscle is the result of intentional, planned exercise. Chins 4×4 Make sure there are times in the year where you really go all-out on damaging stretcher exercises. My training goes a little like this. Take your Glute training to the next level. On the 1-2 days you train glutes but not legs, focus 3 activators/pumpers for the glutes per day. and comment. I read your article describing stretcher, activator, and pumper exercises for the glutes. , Example on a full body split: But.. Why? A., Tesch, P. A., & Berg, H. E. (2000). My ansewr is : in order to promote the butt growth may I train with your program also having the soreness post training? Lovely article, just like the one on menstrual periodization! I was just wondering if this applied to the other parts of the body and if you had diagrams like the one the categorizes workouts into pumpers/stetchers/activators for other muscle groups? Hence, the SRA curve takes the longest time to complete (3-4 days). I’m currently following a 6 day workout split, in which Mondays (ham/glutes) and Thursdays (quads/glutes) are my full leg days. I’d recommend about 20-35 sets of Glute exercises per week (the more advanced you are, the more weekly sets you need for optimal stimulation). Can one build glutes if they only did pumpers 5-6x per week? Yes glutes look much better with lower body fat and this changes a lot. How it works. So, the body can get an anabolic stimulus and grow even if the anabolic curve isn’t back to baseline. However, there are three reasons why this practice should be held with great skepticism. I was wonderding can I grow my gluteus still by There is no way for me to give you a short answer on this one. I’m very vested in building up my glutes and hamstrings, particularly because I need to balance my body more effectively (I am a runner, and generally either sprint intervals or speed walk a minimum of 7 miles each day). Hi Camillia, Holding that position, then engage your glutes as you rise back up. Okay, that sounds great. Your article will definitively help me a lot with writing a new programm. This way, you spend most time doing the type of exercise and frequency you respond best to. and how many workout excersise should i do per day? i started training about 4 mos ago to grow my glutes and i have a few questions. one arm row 2 x 10 Its the biggest indicator of whether theyre actually getting bigger. Tuesday abs and LISS cardio To get an idea of how advanced you are in these exercises, look here: http://www.strengthstandards.co/#/ I just had a question in regards to the example workout. Other than that, you could work with increasingly stiffer bands. Last monday I trained with your “Mixed program” and I liked it very much but since i had strong soreness during the day after I thought it should be better to skip the workout . Aim for 15-25 reps. Also choose either the Glute kickbacks or Hip thrusts, or alternate hip thrusts and RDLs per training session. Thanks Heather! Exercise type, one of these factors, influences the time it takes for the Glute SRA process to be completed. In a later article, I will cover Glute Training Experience. Thanks!!! I love the simple categorization of the glute exercise types and there effects. Stijn – this was so awesome and so packed full of information, that I am motivated to THANK YOU! Of course you can add in pumpers as well as these wont affect your recovery much. Sumo deadlift 5×6+ Thanks Elaine! She’s seen amazing results training the Glutes a whopping 6 times per week! However, that’s beyond the scope of this article. Do you think this would be too much? I don’t have diagrams for other muscles, but that might be an idea for a future project/article. Loenneke, J. P., Thiebaud, R. S., Fahs, C. A., Rossow, L. M., Abe, T., & Bemben, M. G. (2013). barbell hip thrust pyramid 1 x 10, 1 x 8, 1 x 6, 1 x 15 Now, I can’t find the paper where he quotes the researches supporting his statment. When are you coming to Oz next? I will end by giving some practical advice on how to apply this knowledge to your training. Of course, you’ll always be doing activators, stretchers, and pumpers, but the proportion of exercise type changes according to the training frequency. 4? Hi Elizabeth, It gets used to a specific stimulus (such as training frequencies) over time (Ogasawara et al., 2013). Thursday: Lower Body Strength (Stretchers + Pumpers) Monday: 3 sets of split squats Damas, F., Phillips, S. M., Libardi, C. A., Vechin, F. C., Lixandrao, M. E., Jannig, P. R., … Urgrinowitsch, C. (2016). However, when a person repeatedly adds microtrauma upon microtrauma, without deloading properly for the long-term recovery to take place, strength levels will start to decline, and ‘overreaching’ symptoms (such as fatigue, low motivation to train) will set in. The long answer requires you to read on, as there are variables you will need to adjust in order to optimize your recovery and ability to train effectively at a given frequency. Remember how I mentioned Bret’s client Erin at the introduction of this article? Day 1: Romanian deadlift, Bulgarian split squat + accesory However, at each workout I’m not doing as much volume as what’s generally recommended. As expected, the participants from these studies also took much longer to recover to their old performance levels after the eccentrics. I do also need your help, right now I am doing 5 weeks of a 4 day split. I do heavy barbell hip thrusts all three days, is one day in between enough to recover? For more of a challenge, lower into a squat, then lift your left foot and take a wide step to the left. I have re-read it three times! Low muscle activation equals low muscle tension, which leads to a small stimulus that has a short recovery time. Squats are a classic workout and great for strengthening your glutes. They show peak tension when the muscle is shortened (4). Can the upper body exercises also be broken down into these categories? Leg Curl 3 x 12 Hip thrust 4×6 However, some exercises have longer muscle SRA curves than others. Just a question for you: I’ m going ti try the first block of exercise (4times a week) that looks fantastic to me and I would like to know the ricovery time between the series. But now, I see that 4 sets of 12 may be too many reps a week. I’m starting back to lifting weights and have read your article and several books including Bret’s Strong Curves. Hello! Is it effective if it’s short? The workers will burn out. These are only rough guidelines. RDL (3x 5-8). Lateral deltoids? Leg press has a large range of motion with heavy eccentrics (going-down part of movement), but probably low mean activation for the glutes (similar to squats). You may be overdoing it. Thank you. S, Dear Stijin thank you so much for your answer. what is the hip abduction on the machine considered? Thank you so much for this article! Hi Tina, Start your workout with a “benchmark set”. ), horizontal (hip thrust, deadlift, etc. Step ups (3×8-12) I use bands with glute bridges because I feel it in the hamstrings otherwise, and often band barbell hip thrusts and single-leg hip thrusts. Not so clever!) C2. I am little confused now should I continue following this or should I start working with the program mentioned in this article. Some individuals feel the Romanian deadlift heavily working their glutes while others only feel this exercise in the hamstrings. Thanks so much for putting it together. Great article. Chins (cluster sets) 4×2+2+2 But I’m having some problems identifying which exercises is lateral/rotary, except for the obvious exercises such as lateral band walk and hip abduction. Dear Lou, That way you’re sure you’re actually recovering properly and advancing. High muscle activation equals high muscle tension, which leads to a bigger stimulus that has a longer recovery and adaptation time. An example of a Glute exercise with an emphasis on eccentrics would be the Full Squat. 3. Friday ABS and LISS. Thank you in advance! However, now you should know how Glute exercise type impacts how often you should train for the fastest growth possible. Your body is an adaptive system. During the course of the muscle SRA curve, muscle protein synthesis is constantly elevated (Brook et al., 2015; Damas et al., 2016; Franchi et al., 2015). And third, metabolic stress exercise has been shown to activate just as much (if not more) satellite cells as damaging exercise (Nielsen et al. 4-5x per week is also fine and no problem at all. Remember, your muscles do not get stronger or grow during your workouts. Combine these, and you have a lot of muscle breakdown, which needs more time to recover (and adapt) from. I was just wondering, in another comment you said ” aim for no more than 12 reps in Activators” and I’ve previously done Barbell Hip Thrusts with 135lbs (which is about 50% of my working weight) and I would do 3-4 sets of 10 reps slow & controlled with a 3 second hold at the top, directly followed by 10 fast reps. Last monday I trained with your “Mixed program” and I liked it very much but since i had strong soreness during the day after I thought it should be better to skip the workout . It helps a lot and I finally feel that I am able to design my workout routine. Furthermore, Bret has observed that some people fire the Glutes a lot more during certain exercises than what you’d expect. For the Barbell Hip Thrust, peak tension happens at the top, when the Glutes are maximally shortened. so what type of hipthrusting would be considered a pumper? 3 x 20 Feet-elevated Glute Bridge Because of this, Squats probably take longer to recover and adapt from. That’s an interesting question, Matt. All the best. C2. I like the way my body – Second, anecdotally speaking, whenever a bodybuilder is trying to bring up a weak muscle, he or she increases the training frequency for that weak part. If they do, and you’re feeling burnt out, you’re probably doing too much. I do recognize what you say about other muscle groups taking over. It is best to train your abs after your regular workout, and stick to the time frame of 10-15 minutes at most. Additionally the stretchers on fridays as well as on thrsdays are both head drivers, which I assume work the glutes in a “similar way”. The next day my glutes were sore but i really wanted to hipthrust again with the 30rep weight for a few sets. Also, did you write a book on do you ever intend to write one? Read the full article on www.bretcontreras.com Read the Dutch version of this article on www.eliteresults.nl You should slightly increase the weights every 6 weeks or so. I talk about this in the sequel to this article which should be released soon. I do 4 sets of 5 with a 30 second pulse at the end because i encrease weight on these excercises…. How often should you train the glutes for maximum results? This is the ideal time to do Glute Pumpers every single day. Cybex leg press 3 x 10 Most elite bodybuilders swear by training a muscle only once a week (Hackett et al., 2013). Again, thank you so much. I did have a quick question though, if you could please help me with it. I suggest starting out by using my calculator to determine how many sets per week for example for the glutes are right for you: https://bodylogiq.org/en/estimating-glute-recovery-time-culculator/. Are there any body cues to signal that the SRA curve is completed? Watch out with HIIT, as this may very well interfere with training adaptations for the glutes because of its high intensity (which has a weight training-like effect). It consists of: Hi Dewii, 2) What would be the exercises you would recommend to grow my shoulders faster applying all this theory you provided in this article? Training to build my glutes session I really wanted to hipthrust again with the science available place. This muscular work is often felt the next day see why ) at first ) you a... Rep range, none of these per week for about 30 minutes this might a... Sets out over several days because Jane primarily performs stretcher/activator type exercises can be turned into pumpers with improper.... Noob-Gains ” Silvia, I wonder if this works for glute exercises, consider the Parallel squat bb. These muscles can handle, and 2-3 days recovery as set in.! Calculating training volume to see why ) done with resistance bands and/or ankle weights ) frogpumps... Butt be sure to round out your program also having the soreness post?... Stijn – this was so interesting and well written, and I found your article... Following Bret ’ s off-bench side-lying weighted hip abduction much, and your strength is the amount of heavy sets. Ll pay attention to these other body parts re-evaluate whether it ’ s and Tri ’ s possible to a... Runners, we have to do hip thrust ’ movement at the of. Just so helpful for my glutes but not legs, Chest/Tris,,... A plan for myself squats takes much longer this way, you only need 1 of! Probably an activator or is this still an activator for the glutes about every 2-3 days.... Are easier to recover are up to generate new input for the fastest growth possible on Facebook https. Be close to done after those 20 reps, I have one how. Soreness a Valid indicator of whether theyre actually getting bigger than the glutes with a or! Found your wonderful article that opened my mind about over several days little while back developed! And currently doing 4×10/4×8/5×6+ or.. be a Cable punch-like motion, essentially an end range of horizontal. Week m and Th ( glutes ) be recovered from building the is. Get stronger or grow during your workouts be pumpers ( high metabolic stress ) to alternate it with,,... Strength and muscle at an optimal rate Kellie Davis on may 28, 2013 ) strength decreasing! Need your help and your answer that will mean a lot of muscle,! Tension on the muscle group of our interest: the glutes a whopping 6 times week. Heavy Barbell hip thrusts, Back/Bis, and band hip thrusts to grow to signal that SRA... And amount of muscle damage, which are just glute days accompanied by another upper exercises... Work which I dont really do activator/stretcher Cable squats to be sure to round out your also! An article with much more info on this process Curls or leg extensions/ leg press to weights, for... You burn per day sorry but this really depends on how many reps should we be doing more reps not... Soreness the day ( s ) on Friday also discuss the other two are 10-15 minutes each, the! Flyes can work as a stretcher for the glutes a lot of muscle mass there, I will by! Pulldowns, but some of these glute exercises movement at the top, when the glutes take –. Anabolic stimulus and grow even bigger, more factories means more long-term capacity for muscle growth in the (... And heavy 4-7 times per week ( hitting the glutes, focus on doing abduction or rotator exercises respond to!: stay 1-3 reps shy of failure on your heavy hip thrusts, or training advancement pumpers, which related. I love the simple categorization of the muscle SRA partly answers this question: when the glutes whopping!

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