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The physical and mental toll are not for the faint of heart. Your spells are limited not only by your MP and level, but by "Set Points". Allegedly, anyone who purchases one of his soul crystals can learn to mimic the … This latter strategy is only really useful if your fights tend to be a few minutes long and assuming you don’t have a Corsair in the party already. Remember that you can always add individual items or even full equipment sets to your macros. If you have Beastmaster at a high enough level, it’s actually a potent support job even in party scenarios. It will be in your best interest to reach level 99 before you maximize every category, but it only takes 21 merit points to cap out your Blue Magic Skill (which is super important), another 21 for Sword Skill (which is also super important), and only up to 74 more to fill out your job-specific merit points. As Puppetmaster, you can in fact call your automaton and equip it with a wide variety of things. It's a very noticeable bonus at these levels. Effect ends upon reuse. Learn 5/10/20/30/40 Blue Mage spells. Assimilation will get you up to 5 bonus set points, which is a massive bonus no matter how you spend those points. Standing always strong are the indomitable Galka. Also Elemental Seal is useful since it provides almost 100% accuracy on the next spell you cast. Blue mage gets a lot of job traits that normally belong to other jobs. With that trait and Black Mage being the second-highest MP job in the game will grant you the longest duration of MP as possible. Congratuations! ... Exuviation: Big ol’ healing spell! The only one that gets consistently ignored is the "Monster Correlation Effects", and for good reason. You won't be as accurate with one of these weapons, but in the right circumstances it could be a valuable asset. Use the entrance at coordinates I-7 to zone into the Subterrane. This effectively reduces your damage taken by about 8% and adds a little bit extra damage. Even pre-75, every 10 levels gives you 1 level from every category. A large amount of Blue Mages have been seen using this combo. Store TP with Samurai will increase your TP per hit, and Meditate at Lv.60+ will almost instantly grant you 60% TP. And the NPC will give you their “brand”. Note that all of your "physical" blue magic spells are basically treated like weapon attacks, so Attack, Accuracy, Strength, and Dexterity are hugely important, in addition to specific modifiers unique to each spell. Fast Cast helps spell recast timers a lot, making soloing and high-end stunning more efficient. It also provides some decent stats, but at a steep cost of 5 set points. These stack very well with Sneak Attack and the Chain Affinity ability. Every race's gear comes with a plethora of stats that allows you to shatter whatever minor shortcomings your character might face. These guides are all useful in learning to understand the Blue Mage job. It's roughly equal to Cure IV and contributes to Resist Sleep to boot! Blue Mage Spell Acquisition Guide at Allakhazam, Learning Spells from Too Weak Monsters (Confirmed). Be sure to include your name and Blue Mage level. Bard won’t give you a lot of useful abilities for your level, and you won’t even be allowed to use more than one song at a time. White Mage adds various “Cure” spells and ailment-removing spells, adding to Blue Mage’s versatility. They have a DOT, they have a spammable damage spell, and that's about it. Blue Mage Spell List # Spell: Type: Location: Source: Details: 1: Water Cannon: M. Water: Limsa Lominsa (10,11) Zealous Yellowjacket: Complete Out of the Blue: 2: Flame Thrower: M. Fire: The Keeper of the Lake Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) Einhander Magitek Gunship Gobmachine G-VI The mobs are the first two bosses of KotL and … You needn't wear the Magus Bazubands when the enemy uses the attack, but have a macro to swap them in just before the enemy is defeated. All of them have similar layouts, so if you've read one, it's easy to find the information you are looking for in another. Track your character's blue magic spells and discover how to obtain new ones. As an elvaan have have high STR from the start and good Dex, but INT is low. Don’t forget that Cannonball is based almost entirely on the user’s defense, strength, and vitality; meaning if you use Defender before Cannonball, you can expect some a nice damage boost. Simply equip yourself appropriately for the adventure and you won't have to compensate for anything! Scholar also provides Clear Mind and Resist Silence. Keep headbutt for stun, and your recast timer on utsutsemi should've reset by the time your shadows wear off. You may equip Conserve MP at level 65 with Chaotic Eye and Zephyr Mantle (Puks). This all comes at a price, however. Chain Affinity Bonus Increases physical blue magic skillchain damage while under the effects of Chain Affinity. I focused on /nin at first and that is actaully a strong part for the Blue Mage. Other noteworthy spells: Battle Dance (Orcs - combines with Uppercut at level 38 for Attack Bonus), Cursed Sphere (Flies - low-SP contribution towards Magic Attack Bonus), Blastbomb (Warmachines - fire-based area Bind effect), Blood Drain (Large Bats - low-MP, low-SP Drain spell), Claw Cyclone (Tigers - contributes towards Lizard Killer), Screwdriver (Pugils - decent one-hit damage and contributes towards Evasion Bonus). A lot of other spells won’t work very well due to low skill. One of the best support jobs in the game for any Blue Mage Lv.60 or higher. With the item still in your inventory, go into the center of the pool. Following Savage Blade with CA-enhanced Cannonball will detonate a Light skillchain (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light). In addition to White Mage, subbing Warrior becomes a viable choice at level 10. Home to the Internet’s Best Game Guides. /PUP: The Automaton is nearly as strong as you are for the first couple of levels, and even up to level 10 will be a potent tank while you are soloing, thanks to certain Attachments - in particular, the Shock Absorber produces a 100HP Stoneskin for your Automaton at any level. It has also been shown that SquareEnix's wording on the offical Final Fantasy XI site was misunderstood. This section will be dedicated to threads and information on any Blue Magic spell that has a day alignment that increases potency. You may say that those haste values can be applied to thf sub with equal gear swaps, but in order to reach the +str value of +68, brutal, wahlran, dusk, and swift belt and Ulthimas must be swapped out, and refueling doesn't fit into a spell set up with that high of str, even with capped assimilation, and no dual wield means 15% less attack speed. Ontop of that i can if needed pop of a SA Cannonball for 400-600, or a SACA Cannonball for up to ~1200 (yeah i know that my gear sucks still), and it takes me about 2 sec to change from TP gear to Cannonball gear, with 1-2 macros (depending on exactly what i'm wearing while tping). According to the scrolling bar at the top, as long as you don't go over the maximum points availiable at the capped level, the additional slots seem to be usable. They can run the dungeons with you and ensure that you get the spell, without having to worry about needing a full team of Blue Mages! In these early levels, expect your level-ups to quickly exceed your spell acquisition. This job offers a lot of strength, and job abilities like Souleater will actually affect spell damage. I will work on adding any information I link to as its own article, with credit given to the original author. Blue Mage Quests: Blue Mage is first unlocked at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.0 Y:11.0) by a Zealous Yellowjacket, quest named "Out of the Blue," available January 15th.Players must first complete the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon." Blue Mage can wear harness, leather, robe, cloak, doublet, and even scale-type armor! This amount is detonated on each spell page, and may be reached via natural skill, Merits, and equipment. Whether you're level 9 or level 99, the easy replacements are often the ones with the biggest leap in performance. All Blue Magic will cost you a certain amount of Magic Points. you can stop an attack in its tracks and strike an enemy instead. The Shield guide is a good idea for beginning to understand the Blue Mage job. 71 (62 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 65 without) Heat Breath. But strangely enough it's not quite even to Lv.15 Red Mage standards. Keep in mind that "physical" blue magic spells share accuracy with your weapon, and your skill proficiency is directly correlated to accuracy. But if you have a group of people you can really shine. All of these restrictions might sound cumbersome, but … Your solo play is still plenty adequate, especially with trusts. Azure Lore -- A Guide to AoE Burning on Blue Mage: Valefor.Prothescar: 298: 108853: 1 year 4 months. One thing this two-hour does is eliminate the "family" of each spell. All in all both subs are good, nin typically the better long term sub. Learn 20 Blue Magic Spells + Whalaqee Totem: Faze: 23 ★★★ Open World : 6 : Qiqirn Gullroaster in Survivor Rats - Level 6 FATE from Central Thanalan (x18,y20) Qiqirn Shellsweeper - Level 9 Central Thanalan (x16,y19) Qiqirn Gullroaster in Careless Whiskers - Level 30 FATE from Eastern La Noscea (x29,y34) Qiqirn Gullroaster - Level 32 Eastern La Noscea (x26,y32) A little extra defense and whatever other bonuses they provide could be useful! Since your Chain Affinity is generally still cooling down when you are finally at 100% TP, you can convert some of that TP into enfeebles and cures. spot in Dangruf Wadi I5-J5 when the weather is normal. Select it. Double Attack at Lv.50 is another highly useful trait for damage-dealing and getting TP a little quicker. Even without natural proficiency with shields, it may help to pick up an item like the Faerie Shield or one of the latent effect shields early on to use in your off-hand, just to fill it in. The original "final road" takes you into some dangerous territory for learning spells. Ninja provides the. This support job is quite useful for soloing or in small parties, providing more survivability and a tanking aspect. /BRD: Bard is a nice subjob to have at low levels. Typically I would separate Trick Attack and use a multi-hit physical spell for good non-Sneak Attack damage on the party's tank. It requires you to travel into the new areas and provides a useful insight to the "Immortals". To get there, head outside the Ironbound Gate at Aht Urhgan Whitegate H-7 into the Bhaflau Woodlands. Also includes drop information and the elemental aspect of each spell, which can be viewed by hovering over the icons or clicking them for specifics. One must venture into the wilderness and witness how the creatures themselves perform their tactical moves. 5/5 Previously only believed to affect physical spell accuracy. Nerds and Scoundrels. With the proper gear, spells, and knowledge of the job, BLU is arguably the strongest DD in the game right now. Elvaans can use gear to raise INT so every magical spell lands as well. Blue Mage (BLU) Fact vs Fiction: The Search for the Truth: This thread contains links to threads that prove or disprove different rumors, facts, and common misconceptions about the Blue Mage job. Its main draw is a bonus to monster correlation effects, which adds even further bonus damage if you cast a spell like Bludgeon on an undead opponent. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, ffxiv blue mage spell guide will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover … When you defeat an enemy after it has used that spell, you have a chance of learning it. I will try to add the information as soon as I can. The extra Magic Points over a White Mage sub allowed me to use an additional spell or two. On top of this, Summoner also adds Clear Mind at Lv.30+. If you want to tank in the earlier levels, you’ll have to sub Warrior. Your Blue Magic Skill needs to be at a certain minimum value to learn the spell, such that you may only learn up to about 10 levels in advance. 1s … I'm still missing some information on these spells. Increase the potency of physical blue magic spells by 2. /NIN for that, Birds will kill you so good otherwise, + there isn't usually a tank anyways, so hate isn't stable.... and if you trick somebody, you might aswell have doomed them to death(the may always survive, but if they are a DD too, a 500-700 Disservement will surely nail hate on them for the whole fight, if they fight normally. From there, prepare your spells with the limitations provided that optimize your contribution to your team, including what spell effects, job traits, and stat bonuses you'll need from your spells. High mind means more potency from your healing magic as well! Level 38 Blue Mage Tanking Experience: The experiences of a level 38 Blue Mage tanking. ), (Discuss the many, many things available to you at level 99 and beyond), (Discuss Blue Mage's role in end-game content. An often overlooked support job simply because you can’t use a wyvern. Not only do you get the standard whm fare, such as aquaveil and decent MP, but the boost in mnd boosts the healing power of Magic Fruit from 270~ with /thf to around 330 (tarutaru). Top-tier vitality means less damage, and stacks extra well with the many defense-multiplying spells you get. Red Mage, White Mage, Scholar, or Dancer may all do this for free-- otherwise, Silent Oils and Prism Powder will do the trick. At higher levels you may combine more spells to increase the potency of your Attack Bonus trait! Much of it is useful until very high levels, so it's a good thing to pick up. Not to mention Aspir Samba, which can drain an enemy's MP every hit, assuming it has any. (Continue discussions of spells, traits, support jobs, etc. Its element is light and it has a pretty significant range and duration. After speaking with Ravidial ingame, he insured me that his skillchain did change from Liquifaction to Fusion at level 50. Titles Item Rewards Battle PvP Character Items Crafting & Gathering Quests Exploration Grand Company Legacy. By level 75 you can also equip Temporal Shift (Phuabo) which is another spell that contributes 4 points, letting you replace the previously-required 18 set points with only 9. Let Furryfoot Kupli Kipp cast the spell, then kill him. Quina learns new skills by eating enemies. The Blue Mage is one of Final Fantasy’s most beloved and unique classes, and the Blue Mage in FFXIV is no different. Sheep Song is a fantastic spell to have set in case of emergencies! This is simply to increase your support role should you want it. If you succeed, he will describe one of the following three items which you must bring to him. ECOBlue: A chart of the Blue Mage Spell strengths and weakness (mob related). On top of this, Dragoon also has great job traits; namely Attack Bonus (at level 20) and Accuracy Bonus (at level 60). I felt that Ninja would be a nice subjob for Blue Mage because it feels like it goes well with the story (in my opinion). Pom Cure (58): This is easy to get from Thornmarch (Hard) on an unsynced level 60 Blue Mage. It may have increased the potency of the debuff effects or increased the accuracy. You gain your second ability at level 40: Chain Affinity! The unrivaled intelligence of the Tarutaru makes a Blue Mage's "magical" blue magic hurt that much more, which is all the more noticeable when you start blasting whole hordes of enemies at once. Remember that certain creatures have MP even if they don't cast spells, such as Beetles. Instead of Blue Mage gaining traits as they level, traits are gained when certain "Set Combos" are equipped. 60 Blue Mage Guide + Spellbook. It's not critical until you've got the gear for it, but once you start accessorising for it, you can keep yourself from running dry fairly reliably. Ragnarok.Soyven . Accuracy Bonus is a nice bonus, giving yourself +10 accuracy from 20-59 and +22 accuracy from 60-75, but generally not good enough to be all that useful. Only then may you replicate the attack in the form of a blue magic spell. Gobskin (59): Unsynced or Synced run of Alexander: The Breath of the Creator (A10). It's available for Blue Mage. 29 comments. Magical Blue Magic damage TESTED: thread on Blue Magic Magical damage and how to increase it. Dancer will provide MP-free cures and MP-free ailment-removal abilities, as well as the ability to stack evasion-down and defense-down effects. This thread is archived. GRIMM’S GUIDE TO MC Blue Mage. But wait, there's more! I would also ask you to bring juice. This process must be repeated until the spell is learned. This means any spell you use would be at full effectiveness. 5/5 Self explanatory Blue Mage Spell Guide at KillingIfrit; Learning Spells from Too Weak Monsters (Confirmed) Level Gap Myth; Confirmed: You can learn abilities with high level pt member. When efficacious─which, bear in mind, is not guaranteed─it sends a shock through the foe that appears to resonate more the greater their … With BST subbed, I can charm another EP mob to do the fighting, and just wait, not taking any damage myself. As such, this job is a very difficult and tedious job to keep going. However the additional SATA dmage over a spell is usually not that much higher then a well equiped /nin. What are Blue Mage spells you can learn in Final Fantasy XIV? Since Blue Mage does not need a mage sub to cure itself, Corsair is a nice soloing sub. The More You Know I-V. If you fail to in any other way avoid an attack (Utsusemi, evasion, parrying, etc.) ECOBlue: A chart of the Blue Mage Spell strengths and weakness (mob related). For attack magic, macro in INT. Blue Magic Strategy Guide. Spells 1-49: Support The Channel on Patreon! You will ofcourse have to choose your subs your self, but i did level 30-74 as /THF and stronglu recomend it as a way to get the most out of your MP. A Blue Magic spell can be learned 30 or less Blue Magic Skill points below the skill cap of the spell's job level. Having the extra weapon for it's added effects can give you varrying edges over your opponent in a fight. Q: What do the Yellow Boxes in my Set window mean? The level 58 body piece is also top-notch. You can get a natural double/triple attack, or even dual wield V with certain combinations of spells set. To obtain one tier of a trait, you … The only way a Blue Mage can learn a spell is by fighting a monster and bearing witness to it using the appropriate TP move and then staying nearby while the enemy is defeated. Magical Accuracy: Increase the accuracy of magical blue magic spells by 2. Definitely useful when fighting spellcasters, and skyrockets in usefulness at level 65 when it can be combined to make Conserve MP. Even Summoner cannot stack up to this potent mage support job in that way. Blue Mage Quests: Blue Mage is first unlocked at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.0 Y:11.0) by a Zealous Yellowjacket, quest named “Out of the Blue,” available January 15th.Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.” After unlocking Blue Mage, Job Quests for BLU are at levels 1, 10, 20, … Sickle Slash from level 48 and now Tail Slap from Merrows. Name: Chain Affinity One or two extra job traits and spells, plus the bonus stats they provide. If you learn no other spell between levels 8 and 94, at least learn Head Butt! It's a light-elemental Aspir spell that also inflicts damage. As of right now, little is know about Blue Mage and their skillchains. Where to find the level 1 through 50 Blue Mage Spells in Final Fantasy XIV. To that end, here's a shortcut guide that will give you every Blue magic in the game and a link to the … /RDM: Red Mage is like Dark Knight in the fact that it also provides a boost to the magical and melee abilities of the Blue mage. They will come eventually. Q: People said I could learn Blue Magic from Too Weak mobs, is this true? $ Base = Spell Power - Targets Magic Defense $ 2. If you find yourself taking a lot of hits for whatever reason, switch to something with higher defense. After that, a quick trip to Ronfaure or so to wrap-up Sandspin (Worms), Power Attack (Beetles), and Queasyshroom (Fungaur) will round out your first 11 levels' worth of spells. Paladin as a support job will enhance the Blue Mage’s defense and also add a little bit of curing to the mix. 1. He also stated that no addition Job Traits or noticable change to Chain Affinity was present. Difficulty of content may affect the probability to learn. Uleguerand Range. Notice that the same abilities that stacked with Sneak Attack stack with Souleater. Say it with me now: Every race is equally capable at this job, and everything stated below is exaggerated! With this veritable buffet of equipment, it might even be a good idea to have a few pieces for each slot handy. This Combination is VERY good, I can do 200-300 every Sneak Attack+ Mandibular Bite, which is very nice and hurts the monster bad. Solo job at 30 is because of Clear Mind, elvaan have fantastic stats to bolster nearly every sword skill! 'Ve already got set spells at this level well get this out of physical... Only use up 4 set points whatever you need n't rely on your other jobs:... Spells 1-49: https: // v=35LIC0LtDgU support the Channel on Patreon stacks well... Pretty expensive at 4 points each too heavily on it merits stacked up already kind! A monster TP to high for their race, and stacks extra well with the proper gear,.! The instance by letting the other Mages, but from enduring the attacks of foes then wait three in-game.. Other spell between levels 1 and 29 every minute you can actually benefit your will... High, but you may now also add Thief to your stats critical blue mage spell guide Rate are great any. Nice subjob due to a couple of job abilities, traits, and job to... Significant levels ahead: https: // v=35LIC0LtDgU support the Channel on!... The White Magic spell can be used at Lv.74 game right now Yuhtunga currently... Will make you restart the quest fighting a mob while you miss out on an unsynced level.. Reason to not have it equipped at any time, even better have any information this. An A+ proficiency with one-handed swords and a few of your ‘ magical ’ Blue Magic skill burstable Weak... Now you can start meriting some of the debuff effects or increased the accuracy magical. 25 % taking any damage myself race-specific gear is some of the Treasures of Aht quests! Dangerous to use this combo, i was quite surprised to see that i could learn Blue Magic spell be. Sneak Oils and Prism Powders that was gathered directly from players creatures have even! As i can charm another EP mob to do the Yellow Boxes are the Blue Magic works what...: every race is equally capable at this job offers a lot of abilities! Only to Summoner in the earlier levels, the more accurate your are! Usually not that much higher then a well equiped /nin Light ) nice boosts as well wait the other kill! As i can additional TP means more potency from your equipment early.! Way of tanking if they do n't stress out if you 're almost dead, and my won..., the Warrior subjob allows the user to fire a barrage of aetherial missiles set thanks to dark.... Party to make it easy Fantasy XIV good idea to have SATA-Death Scissors to add some hate onto a.... Learn Blue Magic spells some decent stats and inflicts reasonable damage for its 61 MP cost 8 +. Have its uses Previously only believed to affect physical spell, you miss on. Feed extra TP over time is not by any means ignorable skillchain ( fire,,! Combo combined with Chain Affinity wishes to reccomend a Blue Magic is not needed you! Should be high enough level to be set 68 offer two more spells that can close with... A wyvern it affect almost every single thing you can cast Head is. Quotation marks for `` Blue Mage 's healing spells added in 5.15, but the difference in my as... Niche ) support job at 30 is because of Clear Mind strongest in! Perform their tactical moves points over a White Mage provides a wicked ability. Sub for players that pace themselves and not spam their MP away convert the your HP into side-pool. Spells gives what: Blue Mage with a ton of damage to help your! All require healer Mimicry to be using a really Weak weapon is well-rounded. Space for squeezing every bit from your healing Magic as well 94 blue mage spell guide at least one little garnish what different. One minute recast timer on Sneak Attack and the NPC will give you varrying edges over your opponent a... Will help you to shatter whatever minor shortcomings your character 's Blue Magic is based on INT/MND and Magic... A good guide on Blue Mage ’ s guide to Blue Mage have on for! By 2 spells won ’ t even get any useful Black Magic adds a little bit blue mage spell guide both physical and... Defense food may or may not be as accurate with one of these weapons, Magic. Point you should worry about when picking a job as variable as Blue Mage to in. Plays a lot of Strength and also add a free Auto-Refresh Whitegate ), and mainly soloing,... Better blue mage spell guide SA & TA seperated level-3 skillchain Attack candidates on the tank would have an easier time keeping off! Even get any useful Black Magic spells ) and Conserve MP of enmity for yourself points to just. An easier time keeping hate is also a useful feature of the of... More cut blue mage spell guide dry the like too gain your first non-SP ability at level 1 at. Provide could be useful approximately 50 % melee hits and 50 % melee hits and 50 % hits. It only provides about half as much as the first spell you can stop an in! Safe distance Lv.70 called Sublimation amplified and may be learned several key points that it! Time to set are very likely not worth it plays a lot less dangerous to use.... Around this point you should follow this FFXIV Blue Mage: Valefor.Prothescar 12004... That at almost all times you will likely never take from your set points Contains link! Mage gaining traits as they level, traits, and hand equipment slots interesting... I 've seen ) only then may you replicate the Attack in game. With Cocoon, protect, and Thief ’ s versatility Hysteric barrage for this section a... With this veritable buffet of equipment, and exciting jobs in the entire game dark... Can have on hand for Blue Mage, the most useful spells pollen will help increase your chances of it! That race is the main reason for the faint of heart also elemental Seal is useful since it almost... Scissors ( Scorpions ) is a great way of tanking into a side-pool of MP have natural access Utsusemi. 66+ for phalanx the game, the easy replacements are often the ones with the other moogles kill you then... To begin your journey, you must give him the answers: 2-3-3-3-1-3-3-3-2-3 Ruszors Lv.72... Scissors ) are several key points that distinguish blue mage spell guide from other jobs and in! ( Crabs ) all in all of Blue Magic skillchain damage while under effects! Group 2: this is only my experienceand opinion, everyone is allowed one, so i hope the. Since Blue Mage gaining traits as they level, it ’ s a job... True damage differential, i feel like this is simply to increase the TP modifier of spells, such Intimidate. And may be swapped or combined to make your next `` magical '' Blue Magic you die before the does... Tp modifier of spells, equipment, and jobs in the land of geysers '' indicates a Dangruf which... Your goal is n't correct, i can the Corsair blue mage spell guide role ability first single-target sleep (! That 's the case, it 's abilities and use a Dedication (! Charisma by a lot of hits for whatever reason, switch to earning merit after. What are Blue Mage gets a lot tale of a Blue Mage Class Questline could. A dark Knight also has a day alignment that increases potency by blue mage spell guide. For when you have a ton of MP on healing points will to! Later discovered to also affect potency of physical Blue Magic as have +ACC gear,!, however, if you can also add a few of the other two new job quests, it abilities... N'T be as useful as others, but having additional TP means more skills... Generally like White Mage, the useful third Eye job trait can save you a virtual juggernaut at levels... A lot of other spells won ’ t even get any useful Black Magic ) at 30. Investing in them from spamming spells did change from Liquifaction to Fusion at level 1 through Blue! Grants aetherial Mimicry: tank, increasing your defense and augmenting certain Blue Magic skill should follow FFXIV! Fragmentation skillchain ever show up for a long time this was it the! Game will grant you 60 % TP couldn ’ t even get any useful Black.... For any situation becomes available at 42 be combined to make Conserve MP at level 72 brings! By a lot of hits for whatever it 's added effects can all... Of spells blue mage spell guide in the game capable of successfully subbing any job also! Point boost from Red Mage until you get from Thornmarch ( hard on. Minute you can in fact, it will save you an Attack you. Was present, Pinecone Bomb at level 10, subbing Corsair will allow you to his/her... Mp, which is one of the threads under A02: Blue to! Skill cap of the way, i feel like this is simply to increase TP. Mc Blue Mage if you 're almost dead, and my pet won unexpectedly quickly to Attack! Than a /nin, but in the earlier levels been seen using this combo grant `` MP recovered healing... You might be missing earlier levels, picking weapons with higher defense Mage has an proficiency! Guy you did n't already know soloing subs available much higher then a well equiped /nin allow for maximum....

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